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Viral angry boy convinces mama to know what Industry Email List

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2022 5:36 am
by Zahid Hasan
It is commonplace that from a young age, mothers in Indonesia tell their children to shop at the shop. However, when the mother asked her to shop at the shop, it was Industry Email List not uncommon for the child to be annoyed and even angry . Just like what this little Industry Email List boy did when he was angry, he convinced his mother that he already knew what to buy. The adorable moment whose ending made me laugh was re-uploaded by the keyhole Instagram social media account. Video footage shows a boy coming out of the house. The boy was asked by his mother to buy galangal. When he came out of the house he looked annoyed with his mother. He was annoyed to the point of anger because his mother kept reminding him what to buy.

"What did mom say?" asked the mother. "Galangal, was was upas, galangal," the boy replied with an angry shout. "Yes, I've tried it, don't forget it. Don't go up later, forget it for a while," said the mother. When reminded to go up to the top of the fence by his mother, the boy still grumbled angrily. He then went to Industry Email List the shop. Moments later, the boy returned home. The mother was waiting in front of the house. "What did you buy? What did Mama tell you to buy?" mom said. "Forget it," said the boy. Forgot to Buy Galangal When I got home Industry Email List, I even forgot that I was told to buy galangal. (Instagram/keyhole) When I got home, I even forgot that I was told to buy galangal. (Instagram/keyhole) When answering the mother's question, the boy looked still angry. "Ask for help to buy galangal, the style is was upas upas. When you go home you say, forget it," wrote the caption in the video as quoted by, Tuesday (26/7/2022). Until this article was compiled, the video.

has already received 1 million views on reels and 24 thousand likes. Industry Email List The comment column for the viral video upload was flooded with various responses from netizens. "I'm sure you'll be reminded along the way, but when you arrive at the shop, you suddenly have amnesia," commented a netizen. "Buy galangal, turn around and buy a brush," said another. "The way of delivery, ma'am, just change it from 'Don't forget' to 'Remember it'. Because children tend to remember the last word. God willing, there will be differences," another suggestion. Industry Email List "My son, I ordered to buy sunlight, come home with telos oil," a story from a netizen.